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Painting by Zeshin

Painting on silk by Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891)

Warrior doll

Warrior doll (Musha Ningyo)

Painting by Chikunen

Painting on silk by Chikunen (1887-1967)

A pair of candle sticks

A pair of wooden and reddish black lacquered candle sticks.

Painting by Kanazawa Shigeharu

Painting on paper by Kanazawa Shigeharu (1887-1960)

Painting by Tokinari

Ukiyo-e painting on silk by Tokinari (worked: c.1804-c.1818)

Sketch-painting by S. Koyama

Water color sketch painting by S. Koyama.

Wood carving of three wise monkeys

An openwork wood carving of three wise monkeys

Painting by Kawasaki Suzuhiko

Watercolor painting by Kawasaki Suzuhiko (born: 1925)

Large figure of Kannon Bosatsu

Large figure of Juichimen-Sente-Kannon Bosatsu

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