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Wood sculpture by Takamura Koun

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Wood sculpture of seated Sho Kanon (Avalokitesvara) by Takamura Koun (1852-1934)
Signature engraved: Takamura Koun To
Height: 25 cm
Titled, signed and sealed on the Tomobako box
Date: c. 1918
Condition: A couple minor age-cracks on base, otherwise in good condition.
Price: Price on request

Note: Examples of auction results for Koun's wood sculptures between 2007 -2009 in Japan:
AJC auction Sep. 2007 wood sculpture of Sho Kannon, H 42 cm, sold for 7,500,000.Yen
Mainichi Auction, Mar. 2009 wood sculpture of Fudo-Myo-o, H 33 cm, sold for 5,900,000.Yen
Mainichi Auction, Sep. 2009 wood sculpture of Kannon, H 21 cm, sold for 4,200,000.Yen

Item Number #270

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