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A pair of Sumi-ink Zen paintings

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A pair of Sumi-ink Zen paintings of Sennin (immortal hermit).
Paintings on paper, mounted as hanging scrolls.
The pair of paintings has been attributed to a student or follower of Sesshu (1420-1506), and they retain much of Sesshu's manner.
Date: 15th century-16th century.
Size of paintings: each 52.2 cm X 131.5 cm
Signed on one of paintings: (most writings illegible because of worn out): Hogen (Buddhist title) painted at the age of seventy-seven.
Each painting with two artist's seals and one collector's seal.
Condition: Mounting of hanging scrolls are done much later period with ivory end-rollers, surface of paintings are worn and some small minor repairs.
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Item Number #633

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