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Painting by Zeshin

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Painting on silk mounted as a Kakejiki, hanging scroll.
Artist: ZESHIN (1807-1891)
Jurojin, god of longevity with an old tortoise on his shoulder
Signed: Hachiju Ichi O Zeshin
Artist's red seal: Shin (compare the seal with the book page 189, #24, The Art of Shibata Zeshin, by Mr. and Mrs. James E O'Brien Collection, Honolulu Academy of Arts)
Note: According to Zeshin's son Reisai, the Shin seal used here is carved by Zeshin himself out of wood and it was meticulously executed which Reisai states in his memoir "Senko Shibata Zeshin".
Painted date: 1887
Size of painting: 41 cm X 92 cm
Size of mounting: 56 cm X 193 cm
Ivory end rollers.
Fitted storage box.
Condition: Very light stains at bottom area, Generally in good condition.

Item Number #212
Price US$3,500.00

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